The idea of Wu Fu Lin Men (五褔臨門) is about reminding people from different walks of life that one’s Home or Family should always come first. This is because your connection with them is permanent and profound.

Wu Fu (五褔) refers to the 5 blessings in Chinese culture that have been defined and repeated over centuries. It is a reminder of wishing good fortunes or to bless your family and your elders, so that all may stay “together” and be united under one roof.

Lin Men (臨門) refers to the welcoming of these blessings into one’s house, so that all may enjoy and bene t from it. A reminder is also that one must be willing to open one’s doors, in order to welcome in more.
This idea is to, as mentioned above, to remind and to reintroduce to people from different ages, especially the younger generation, that even though society has become modernised, such traditions can and should be upheld and not forgotton.
Home, or Family, is about using food (the 5 traditional dishes), each with their own blessing, to reunite the family to form a stronger bond.

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