The Perfect Fit

Using the idea of a PERFECT FIT from the Japanese wood-joinery as the basis of my concept, the idea of UNITY and HARMONY is of great importance. In search of imbuing this idea into application, I looked at the deeper meaning of how the Japanese wood-joinery is a very ancient tradition that the Japanese (even the Chinese) have perfected.
The idea of TRADITION is to pass on to the next generation so that they will not forget and will even benefit from what has been passed on.

This links back to the history of society, any society, and how through unity and harmony, were they able to find a PERFECT FIT within society to grow as a NATION. This growth is because of the foundation that has been set by our forefathers when they set the base to let the coming generations benefit.
This brings back to the HISTORY of Singapore where racial harmony was a requirement for the country to grow and move forward. All these have been planned since the start where housing was of the utmost importance. Till today, in HDB’s everything is very much controlled with precision. From how many races within a certain floor to how the neighbourhoods have been placed.

This was, in a way, the BUILDING BLOCKS of Singapore that allowed for a PERFECT FIT for her citizens.

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