Dream Worlds

3 different dream worlds that bring you on a whirlwind of emotions as you stare deeply into it. Most times, dreams cannot be recalled with clarity, but they leave an impression on you as you attempt to decipher the meaning behind them. This work explores drawing the audience one step closer to experiencing a dream from a print and into a different dimension, with the help of technology.
Enter the dream world using augmented reality.  Trigger the video by scanning the QR code and images with the Eyejack application.
36”x 42” Archival Print (1)
36”x 42” Digital Gloss Paper (2)
Digital print, Augmented Reality Animation
Note: Scan the QR code with the Eyejack app and enter each dream.

Created in Associate Professor Kathleen Ruiz’s class, Advanced Digital Imaging
ARTS-4860 / ARTS-6860
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), New York

print + digital + motion graphics
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