A Journey to Canto

Through the lens of visual communication design, you embark on a personal journey to discover what is the Cantonese culture like in Singapore. Utilising the design research method of Intangible Cultural Heritage Valorisation, the intangibility of Cantonese culture has thus been analysed, illustrated, documented and presented in three aspects (Thinking, Feeling and Experience) to reflect how Cantonese Singaporeans think and feel. Through this, I hope to translate, for future reference, the intangible to tangible forms of Singapore Cantonese culture.

By identifying key layers in the Cantonese culture, and acquiring interviews of living human treasures, I concluded that the core of being a Cantonese was our mindset of adaptation and flexibility. Our willingness to adapt and survive in whatever new environments can be seen repeatedly in architecture, cuisine, opera, festivals, and trades.
Book 1: Cantonese Thinking
Like an onion, graduated layers peel back each chapter to understand the Cantonese culture. A first-person narrative relays the concept of Cantonese culture being an entity with a story to tell. The accordion fold gives a sense of fluidity, like the unveiling of a Chinese scroll painting. Together with illustrations, the design reflects the fluid changing forms and adaptation in Singapore Cantonese culture. Hence, uncovering Cantonese thinking.

Book 2: Cantonese Feeling
The Cantonese Feeling Guide was designed to allow an immediate understanding of how to recognise or use visual forms, colours, typography, and logos to express the culture and heritage of Cantonese. Specifically, the guide provides basic principles for the branding of other cultural events or designs.

Festival Branding: Cantonese Experience
From intangible to tangible, after learning the mindset and heart of Cantonese people, the ‘Ho Yeah’ festival allows you to experience Cantonese culture first-hand. It completes your journey of exploring Singapore Cantonese culture through the lens of visual communication design.

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